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I have been working in the health and fitness field for twenty years now, operating my own Wellness Boutique, LivFitness, for ten years since Oct 2009. My journey began at the Quincy YMCA where Dr. Wayne Westcott, a nationally recognized exercise scientist who is now a professor at Quincy College, mentored me. I had the opportunity to participate in innovative fitness research alongside Dr. Westcott and this helped me to deepen my knowledge and refine my craft. I became a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2004. I have maintained my credential by staying up to date on the latest research in health and fitness and regularly seeking out continuing education opportunities to learn more. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, graduating with a master’s degree from Suffolk University 2002. I incorporate this training into my work by helping my clients to make concrete behavioral change to achieve their wellness goals including weight loss, strength building, and improved overall health. My background in the mental health field also helps me to empathize with my clients and understand the underlying roadblocks that we can work through together as a team.

I try to align everything I do with a core desire to help others be their best and achieve the goals that are most important to them. This belief has led me to my core philosophy: “I believe that how you move your body, how you fuel your body, how you guide your mind, and how you respect your planet are all interconnected and create the health and wellness of self. I believe that every effort counts, many small moves lead to big changes. I believe that you have the power inside you to make better choices and my purpose is to guide and support you through this journey.”

The beginnings of what would become LivFitness started when I opened another local Quincy business, Zamforia, with my brother Jonathan in 2009. Our mission was to create art through clothing that shared messages of love and positivity in various languages.Though I was committed to the products we were developing, I couldn’t let go of my passion for helping others through fitness training. I found a way to combine my interests by using the Zamforia storefront space to train individual clients. As interest grew, the studio evolved naturally and I began to train clients in larger groups to accommodate the growing community and make high-quality fitness training affordable and accessible to more people at a time. I now bring women of all fitness abilities together into small training groups and craft total-body workouts that both challenge and empower them. By creating a welcoming, friendly environment, I give my groups a safe space to try new routines and accomplish more than they thought possible for themselves. The community aspect of the group training has added to success for my clients because they are able to support one another through struggles and celebrations. Several of my clients have become friends as a result of the group training and have continued to train with me as the community has grown over the years.



I expanded into my current studio space in June of 2016 and began to operate LivFitness full time. LivFitness now offers more in addition to the LivFit foundation of strength and conditioning built in our signature small-group training. We have designed and implemented specialty training classes such as LivFit Booty Butt Liftin’ & LivFit Hard Core as well as our specialty cardio and yoga style interval classes called LivFit BoHo PowerFlow and LivFit Strengthen & Lengthen. Our Wellness Boutique would not be complete without our LivMindfully mindfullness workshops and nutrition programs,LivFit Lean to the Green and LivFit Nourish,Reach,Grow.

I provide balanced fitness and health information to my clients in a non-judgmental way that honors each person’s perspective. The foundation of my work is still in fitness and I have also continued to deepen my knowledge of evidence-based nutrition through education opportunities such as the E-Cornell plant-based nutrition program and One Day to Wellness workshops. I continuously learn more environmentally responsible practices to integrate into my personal and professional life, doing as much as I can to help take care of our planet.

I opened my studio in Quincy because this is my home. I grew up in Quincy and continue to live here now as I raise my own children. My family is here and it is meaningful to me that my work supports the collective health and sustainability of our local community. By guiding local community members toward greater personal health in the studio, they are better equipped to give back and be of service to others. My life and work are deeply interwoven as I do my best to share what supports personal wellness with the larger community as a whole.

As LivFitness has grown I have been able to deepen my commitment to service in the community by increasing program offerings that increase both personal and environmental wellness. This evolved naturally as I learned more about the power that we have as individuals to care for ourselves and our planet. I have been positively impacted by a whole-food-plant-based nutrition approach in my own life and I want to share this with others as well as ways to promote sustainability through free our free program, Liv Eco-Friendly.

I do this to provide people with facts and options, not to push any belief system. As I look forward to the years ahead for LivFitness I see our community growing and offering more programs in fitness, nutrition, and environmental wellness.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you and grow alongside you!

Love & Strength,