Let LivFitness do the planning and provide you with a balanced routine!

  • Exciting new drop-in membership format to maximize your experience at LivFitness!

  • Our specialty drop-in classes focus on core, glutes, cardio, and flexibility to round out your fitness!

  • All drop-ins are specifically tailored to compliment the Monday/Wednesday small-group training classes.

  • Drop-ins provide the ultimate compliment to the foundation of strength and conditioning that you build in our signature small groups.

  • These can be taken on their own but provide best results when combined with the style of total-body training in our small group training classes.


September investment:

  • for small-group foundation class members: $39 for up to 16 classes

  • for drop-in classes only: $64 for up to 16 classes

  • Try a single drop-in for $12

Investment starting October 2019:

  • Monthly investment for small-group foundation class members: $89 for up to 32 classes a month. That’s just $2.78 per class!

  • Monthly investment for drop-in classes only: $139 for up to 20 classes a month. That’s only $4.34 per class.

  • Try a single drop-in for $12

***All drop-in classes are limited to 12 participants. You must sign up ahead of time to hold your spot! See the calendar below to sign up. We can’t wait to work out with you!!

liVFIT Booty Butt liftin’:

Lifted glutes, better posture, pain reduction and decrease risk of injury in the knees, lower back, hamstrings and groin. Have fun lifting your bum ;)
All fitness levels welcome. Modification are always provided.

LIVFIT hard core:

Trimmer waistline, improved definition of abs, prevent and decrease back pain, at home routine. Enjoy fun & effective ways of strengthening your core.
All fitness levels welcome. Modification are always provided.

LivFit Strengthen & Lengthen:

Come strengthen your heart and lengthen your beautiful posture. Experience high energy and grounding calm as you move through different styles of cardio and yoga holds for an energized and balanced body and mind. Improve performance, flexibility, and endurance.

All fitness levels welcome.Modifications are always provided.

LivFit Boho power flow:

Free your spirit and join our tribe for a 45 minute barefoot blend of yoga style flows and cardio. Vibe out to a mix of world music and practice flexibility, balance, physical and mental stamina all in one session. This specially made practice is the perfect blend of sweat and serenity.

All fitness levels welcome. Modification are always provided.


Breathe new life into your cardio workouts and start your day with an energy boost in this high-intensity conditioning class. Join us to have fun and challenge yourself! Strengthen your heart and lungs. Build power and endurance for improved performance in all your workouts and activities.

All levels are welcome, modifications are always available.

YOGA: "Go with Your Flow"

Gentle to Moderate(all levels)

Celebrate the integration of various forms of yoga!

Open: to the wisdom of your body

Discover: the elements within Earth, fire, water, air, & ether

Flow: with breath awareness

Align: Stretch and strengthen

Restore:Passive stretches with props

Nurture: Self massage (massage balls)

Rest: Yoga Nidra- Is a form of meditation guiding you on a sensory journey through your whole being.

Mondays 7pm-8:15pm