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While training is extremely helpful in improving your health and fitness, no healthy lifestyle could ever be complete without good nutrition to nourish your body and mind as you work hard toward your goals. Providing quality, evidence-based nutrition support is another way that LivFitness is different from other studios. We don’t stop at providing killer workouts. We will work with you individually or in a group to create a sustainable lifestyle you will love.

LIvfit’s triple SSS challenge:

September, Salads & Smoothies

Get through busy times by grounding yourself in something simple. 

  • Simple 

  • Guided

  • Supportive 

  • Informative 

  • Transformative

  • Health promoting

DETAILS: September 9 - Oct 4th
Initial weigh-in TBD with individual participants 
Investment: $80 


INCLUDES: 3 smoothie & salad with dressing recipes per week. Snack and dinner recipes and a detailed shopping list for each week. All recipes are very simple and guided to make this an easy and fun experience.

Weight loss rewards: 
#1 free 5 week session 
#2 10 pack class pass for drop ins 
#3 $80 toward small group and drop ins

Email: to join

LivFit Lean to the Green:

-Learn about the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet in this free introductory workshop designed to get you started on the road to greater health for you, your loved ones, and our planet.

Offered monthly on a Thursday 6:30-7:30pm


Nourish, reach, grow:

-4 week nutrition group

-Put your knowledge into action and move toward balanced wellness in this four week group course.

-Set your own goals and receive personalized support and community as you reach them.

-Continue to deepen your knowledge of whole food plant-based nutrition with structured weekly learning topics.

-Take concrete action steps toward creating the life that you imagine for yourself.

-All are welcome.

Included: weekly group coaching session, accessible support from Diana between sessions, handouts and resources related to topics covered in class.



Individual Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching:

-Schedule individual time with Diana to discuss your personal nutrition and wellness goals in detail and receive customized support and guidance.

-Initial Session (60 minutes) Investment ($90)

Includes: 1 hour one-on-one coaching session, individualized plan for you to keep and implement moving forward, relevant handouts and resources to help you on your journey.

-Follow-up sessions (45 minutes) Investment ($70)

Includes: Ongoing guidance, support, and resources.