Small Group Training

Here is your foundation to your fitness. Each session is packed with exciting new things, but is grounded in our many years of wellness experience so that you get exactly what you need to be successful.

The programs are written to maintain the gains that you get from each prior session, keep you progressing, and keep you entertained.

I stay on the cutting edge of the latest fitness trends and incorporate them into our routines, keeping your workout fresh, fun, and effective. 

  • Each class consist of no more than 10 clients.

  • We accommodate all fitness level and goals.

  • Session themes change every 5 weeks to prevent plateauing, to routinely challenge your body and mind, shock the body to burn more calories, and to prevent boredom.

TIP: Choose 3 days per week: 2 small group and 1 drop in class.

Did you know muscle burns more calories throughout the day. Strength training increases your ability to perform daily living skills, improve bone density, promotes fat-free body mass, and decreases injury risk.



2019 Pay By Session

Per session class rate is $21

Total year for 95  Monday & Wednesday Classes: $1,995

2019 Pay By Year savings

6 Installments deal: $300 per installment, totaling $1,800; saving $195

4 Installments deal: $428 per installment, totaling $1,712; savings $283

Jan 2 (Wednesday) - Jan 30 M&W  $189

Let the energy flow throughout your body with mini mix and match circuit workouts combined with LivFit’s Foundation Workouts. Get your body super charged to start 2019!!

Feb 4 - March 6 M & W $210

Challenge yourself with routines focusing on time, form, reps, rounds, measuring progress...alternating with LivFit’s Foundation routines will get your body: burning more calories, stronger, more efficient, and you will find yourself working at a higher intensity for longer before getting tired!!

March 11- April 10 M & W $210

Challenging & Enjoyable! 
Functional High Intensity Interval Training.
We will incorporate a variety of functional movements, performed at high-intensity (relative to an individual’s ability), these different movement patterns will improve your strength, mobility, and core stability! 

April 15- May 15 M & W $210

Strong Heart. Strong Body. Strong Mind.

Find your warrior within. This class focuses on steady state training with mixed modalities; body weight, resistance and aerobic exercises.

May 20 - June 19 M & W $189


Get your booty moving and grooving in time for the summer fun to come with our specially designed bootcamp style workout! 

Jun 24 - July 31 M & W $210

NO CLASSES July 3rd to July 7th

Barbeques, beverages, and lazy afternoons. Summer can be enjoyable and laid back but also tough when it comes to keeping fit. But all you need is 45 minutes twice a week to get you started or keep you moving.

Step up to a new challenge, or continue improving your strength, agility, balance and more as you have fun working your way through ever-changing, innovative and challenging circuits that make you sweat and shine with a happy glow.

Aug 5 - Sep 4 M & W $189


Fun and effective total body workouts to stay strong throughout the summer!