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Dale wants people to know the stability and strength she feels from following the LivFitness Format.  She says : "If I can fit in the exercise with the craziness in my life I feel better."  Since 2008 Dale has worked out regularly at Livfitness.  "Once I implemented healthy nutrition habits the hard work that I was putting in clearly showed.  In 2008 I was 190lbs.  Now in 2014 I am maintaining 140lbs!   I realize I was unable to incorporate the nutrients I needed in my busy schedule with ease and when I added simple steps my whole life transformed" 

Barbara loves training at LivFitness because of the small groups and the variety. "Every time I go in it is a different routine.  I like the that it is 45 minutes and it is never monotonous."

"I started training at LivFitness and implementing Liv-Mindfully nutrition techniques in June 2014 at the same time.  Together they work so well. One doesn't give you the benefits without the other.  Clearly they have given me amazing results. The nutrition helps your muscles and skin.  Since June 1 I am down 29lbs , 2.9 inches in chest , 7 inches in my waist, 4.5 inches in hips and 2 3/4 inches each thigh."

Maggie started training at LivFitness in 2009.  She attributes her success with LivFitness to the fact that she  learned so much about about working out correctly and eating properly. 

"The LivFitness style of training works for me because it is more personable. You actually care about us not just collecting our money.  I feel that we are trained to be responsible for ourselves.  I have fitness, nutrition and a support system all in one!  I believe you need all of it;  you can't do it on your own." 

 "In regard to nutrition,  the difference from other fad diets was that at LivFitness I got one-on-one.  The first huge change was the optional Wednesday night meetings.  Listening to other people struggle too helped me learn to eat healthy.   My eyes where opened to the new options that are out there. Unlike being around strangers, I was able to listen to what people were saying. The small intimate setting was so helpful to me. I learned about discipline."

 Nick was a high school student who wanted to change his eating habits and get active .  He is still in progress - stayed tuned for updated pics